Easy to use multifunctional recording software

BrainVision Recorder is a multifunctional recording software designed to provide our amplifier customers with an extremely versatile and easy-to-use platform for recording setup and execution.

Recorder at a Glance:

  • A very convenient wizard menu structure guides you through the entire hardware setup and hardware/software filter configuration. Even selecting the hardware filters on a channel by channel basis is very easy and fast.
  • The acquired data can be displayed in multiple ways.
  • The channel montages (original, bipolar and average) can be switched on the fly, to adjust the channel view to the specific experiment‘s needs.
  • The channel by channel impedance check is extremely simple: Each electrode is placed at the topographic position and its impedance value is displayed with a fully selectable color coding.
  • Acquisition parameters as well as the impedance check are automatically stored and can be accessed from within the analysis software at any time.
  • A complete evoked potential analysis can be performed in real-time directly in BrainVision Recorder and the segmented/averaged data can be stored together with the raw data.
  • A video module allows the capture of images of the experimental subject which are synchronized with the incoming EEG data. This can be reviewed in the analysis software frame by frame while leafing through the acquired data.
  • Incoming data can be sent out to the network via the TCP/IP protocol using the Remote Data Access module to the BrainVision RecView software (or any homemade software) for real-time data analysis.

BrainVision Recorder can be easily interfaced with other software products like Presentation® and E-Prime.