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Brain Vision proudly represents the following providers of neurophysiological research equipment throughout the US and Canada


Brain Vision proudly represents the following vendors of neurophysiological research equipment throughout the US and Canada.

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Brain Vision LLC is the sole distributor of Brain Products hardware and software in the United States

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Brain Vision LLC distributes these vendors in the United States

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Brain Vision LLC is a collaborator with these vendorss
Fully portable and wireless fNIRS devices to measure brain activity. The highest standards for psychology and cognitive neuroscience researches!
NoMoCo Inc. is producing NeuroImaging Pillow Support System Kits for accurate image and high-quality EEG-signal collection. The memory foam pillow system products help participants and patients complete brain imaging studies in research centers or clinical settings with maximum comfort and negligible head movement. The pillow support kit is designed to enhance the image and EEG data quality, desired by neuroimaging researchers and clinicians. The pillow system is assisting in maintaining a subject’s head in the coil in position for an extended period during examinations.
Physip is the pioneer in the use of digital technologies for the analysis of sleep EEG signals. With Physip’s analysis service, you will find powerful tools for the analysis of sleep EEG, and complete support to help you record quality data and produce quality results.
neuroCare’s leading technology brand from Germany, neuroConn, provides safe and well-researched solutions in the transcranial electric stimulation and neuroscience field. neuroConn is the global leader and industry pioneer in non-invasive neuromodulation. The systems can be customized and variably adjusted to the researcher. We exclusively offer neuroConn’s DC-stimulator technology as a complete, and ready-to-use system. Along with the tDCS, the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS, DC-STIMULATOR MR, and DC-STIMULATOR MC models allow accurate bipolar stimulation with alternating current (tACS) and noise current (tRNS). These three devices are only for research applications. The DC-STIMULATOR MR is the only available (f)MRI-compatible transcranial stimulator. The DC-STIMULATOR MC is globally unique, with up to 16 channels that can be programmed via a PC interface with any desired waveforms independent of each other. neuroConn technology is suitable in both research settings and hospitals, as well as therapy centers and medical practices.
movisens develops class-leading solutions for ambulatory assessment, including physiological sensors and Experience Sampling Software solutions. The movisens team regularly implements custom designs and solutions for innovative researchers who need to ask complex questions. It’s the only solution capable of integrating physiological triggers from research-grade sensors into movisens’ experience sampling.
VPixx Technologies develops specialized visual displays and data acquisition systems for fMRI, vision, and general neuroscience research. VPixx will demonstrate its PROPixx DLP projector, now running at refresh rates up to 1440Hz, and the TRACKPixx 2kHz binocular eye tracker. All systems include integrated digital, analog, and audio I/O with microsecond synchronization to video. MRI installations can locate the PROPixx outside the magnet room, projecting through a waveguide with one of our long throw lenses.
Tobii Pro helps business and science professionals gain valuable insights into human behavior. Tobii’s high-quality eye tracking solutions capture human behavior in a natural way, ultimately affording users access to valuable, objective data about real responses to stimuli.
SR Research provides high-performance eye-tracking systems with exceptional levels of accuracy and precision for more than two decades. The EyeLink eye tracker technology meets all requirements by the eye-tracking research community and has been cited in over 7000 research papers. We at Brain Vision LLC are happy to find the right EEG system integration to complete your research. If you want to know how EEG improves Vision Science and how eye tracking improves EEG, let us know.
Psychology Software Tools (PST): Developers of E-Prime® – the world leading stimulus presentation software with millisecond precision timing. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. Use E-Prime together with Chronos® for millisecond-accurate responses, sub-millisecond sound output latency, and easy communication with external devices. PST also manufactures hardware products used in fMRI research, such as the Celeritas® Fiber Optic Response System, Hyperion® MRI Digital Projection System, and an MRI Simulator with a head motion tracking system. PST’s products are in more than 5,000 labs in over 60 countries.
Pearl Technology AG, headquartered in Schlieren-Zurich/Switzerland, develops, produces, and offers solutions for optimum placement, positioning, and immobilization of patients in the MR scanner bore. The products are based on a unique, patented technology, which has been developed in cooperation with ETH Zurich and other renowned university clinics. Their goal is to utilize the Pearltec Technology AG for the good of people, animals, and industry while providing customers with added value through outstanding quality and convincing application benefits.
MagVenture has been selling transcranial magnetic stimulation devices and TMS coils since 1992. They strive to offer TMS professional the best TMS equipment in the market. MagVenture’s mission is to be the most dynamic and innovative supplier of transcranial magnetic stimulation solutions. Many “first mover” features and improvements have been developed over the years in response to ideas and requests from customers.
Localite creates unique medical navigation and planning systems for research and therapy and engages actively in research projects. The company was founded in 1999 as a result of a prize-winning human-computer interaction project of today’s Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) for Applied Information Technology. Since then, usability has been a primary requirement of product development. Today, Localite’s advantage is an open and permeable organization structure from customers and partners through to developers. Cooperation with leading-edge researchers and dynamic development processes allows for fast individual adaptions to customer needs and adherence to cost and delivery dates.
Cedrus offers a variety of synchronized stimulus presentation for EEG and eye-tracking research. The demand for synchronizing events lead Cedrus to develop the StimTracker, m-pod, and c-pod. Easy Plug-and-Play application to detect onsets of visual, auditory, and further event codes as well as key and vocal responses. The response devices with customizable response keys were developed for standard laboratories, followed by models suited for the fMRI environment.
BESA GmbH is the leading innovator in digital EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications. Analysis options range from pre processing to advanced source analysis/source imaging, time frequency and connectivity studies, and statistical analysis. Individual MRI data can be integrated and used for realistic modelling of cortical activity. Combining BESA Research with the clinical software product, BESA Epilepsy, provides a fast and reliable pipeline for analyzing interictal spikes and epileptic seizure onset. BESA software is used by researchers and clinicians in more than 1,500 universities and hospitals world wide.
Axilum Robotics offers a unique opportunity for researchers and healthcare professionals to improve the execution of TMS procedures using different robotic solutions. The automated procedure, with the permanent control of the position, the orientation and the contact of the stimulation coil on the head, offers many advantages including accuracy, repeatability of TMS sessions, and safety and comfort for both operator and patient.
Based on over 30 years of experience, Codamotion is the only company to offer 3D Movement Analysis Systems that can be set up indoors and outdoors in bright light; require no calibration; show results immediately; don’t suffer from occlusions and never forget which marker is which.
Clear View Designs developed MREyes; an MR conditional camera system created to provide a clear view of the human subject’s eyes during functional MR imaging. It is particularly designed for completely noise free operations during head and brain imaging. This novel solution is used in applications as motion tracking during scans, and EEG/fMRI studies for monitoring alertness and detecting changes in attention. MREyes is a high reliable, compact camera system that can be safely and quickly set up in the MR scanner room. The solution oriented product from CVD addresses the needs in the medical research community for direct observation of patients and research participants in the exciting environment of magnetic resonance imaging.
CREmedical invents new technologies that helps the research community to understand the brain, diagnose and treat brain disorders. The company is the pioneer of tripolar concentric ring electrodes (TCREs), which offers a radical improvement over the standard electrode configurations. Their tripolar EEG ( tEEG ) and the transcranial focal electrical stimulation device (TFS) are well tried methods and tools in seizure-, and biomarker- detection, as well as event related potentials (ERP) research and neuromodulation.


CGX (formerly Cognionics) is the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of Dry EEG Headsets and Dry Electrodes. The company’s patented technologies enable research grade signal. CGX re-engineered Quick Series for improved data quality, comfort, and ease of use. The dry EEG Headsets achieve high mobility without sacrificing signal quality. The monitoring devices range from 2 to 30 channel dry EEG systems supported by an array of accessories for auxiliary physiological sensors (ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR, PPG, motion, and more). The dry electrode systems are the optimal hardware addition for BCI and mobile EEG research.
EASYCAP supplies EEG Recording Caps of any layout and any channel number for research applications. The caps can be used with any brand of EEG amplifier, the cap solutions with integrated electrodes can be made MR compatible, TMS compatible, MEG compatible, as well equipped for combined recordings as is EEG/ fNIRS. Apart from customized caps, EASYCAP supplies electrolyte gels and other research grade accessories, e.g. connector adapters, signal generator and impedance meter.
Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. The focus on positively impacting neuroscience made Brain Products the worldwide leading manufacturer of hard and software solutions for neurophysiological research. The companies’ solutions cover the cores of EEG research and sets standards in related fields like ERP, BCI, EEG/fMRI, EEG/TMS, EEG/ fNIRS , tDCS as well as sports, sleep, behavioral sciences and similar disciplines. At Brain Products a solution is only a solution if it covers all the researcher’s needs. The team at Brain Products also provides caps, sensors, easily integrated stimulation, and analysis software and much more.

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