LiveAmp 64

Compact wireless EEG amplifier especially designed for high density mobile EEG applications

Besides the 8, 16 and 32 channel versions of the LiveAmp, we also offer a 64-channel version. With the LiveAmp 64, you can record high density and high-quality EEG without mobility limitations. Just like the lower channel versions, the LiveAmp 64 is a wearable, 24-bit amplifier. As it is wireless and allows you to store your recorded data internally (i.e. on an exchangeable memory card), there are no mobility limitations. The LiveAmp 64 is easy and intuitive to use and its technical specifications leave nothing to be desired …

LiveAmp 64 at a glance

  • Outstanding signal quality
  • Records 64 unipolar channels or (when used with passive electrodes) 56 unipolar and 8 bipolar channels
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • Electrode options: passive – active – active dry – sponge – solid gel

The 64-channel version of LiveAmp is available as an upgrade to the LiveAmp 32-channel amplifier. It combines two LiveAmp 32-channel amplifiers, which are interconnected through the cap connector.

If you already have a stationary EEG electrode system and use active electrodes, for example our actiCHamp, you can re-use your existing actiCAP active electrode sets and actiCAP caps with the LiveAmp 64. The only thing you need to add is two LiveAmp 32 with the 64-channel LiveAmp active electrode adapter.

On the other hand, if you already have a LiveAmp 32, it can easily be upgraded to a LiveAmp 64 to obtain high-density EEG with outstanding signal quality The LiveAmp 64 is not only the perfect solution for high-density wireless and portable EEG recordings outside of the lab, it also provides the added benefit of having two fully functional 32 channel amplifiers. This ingenuity, along with LSL integration, allows for hyperscanning – that is, recording two subjects from each LiveAmp 32. Brain Products and EASYCAP offer flexible solutions for electrode arrangement to best suit your needs, such as two 32-channel electrode bundles and caps with overlaying 64 and 32 channel counts to provide more options for your recording needs.

Of course, it is also possible to use LiveAmp 64 in combination with the LiveAmp sensor and trigger extension. This extends the system with 8 auxiliary inputs and an additional 8-bit trigger in and 8-bit trigger output – adding up to a total of 72 channels.

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