BrainAmp MR

Superior solution for combining EEG & fMRI

Over the course of the last number of years the combination of EEG and fMRI to investigate the electrophysiological as well as the hemodynamic information of cerebral dynamics has become an extremely popular technique. The first BrainAmp MR amplifier for EEG/fMRI simultaneous acquisition was manufactured by Brain Products more than a decade ago and represented a real technological breakthrough.

The extremely high data quality, ease of use, long lasting experience of our developers as well as the unparalleled scientific and technical support made the BrainAmp MR amplifier the first choice for researchers all over the world. Hundreds of scientific publications refer to EEG/fMRI co-registration studies performed with BrainAmp amplifiers.

BrainAmp MR at a glance

  • It’s a shielded amplifier which can be taken directly inside the MRI chamber and placed in the bore right behind the subject’s head.
  • From the amplifier the digitized signal is sent via fiber optic cable to the USB interface located in the control room. Therefore no artifacts are being added along the way to the outside of the MRI chamber.
  • The short length of the electrical cables used to connect the electrode cap with the amplifier fulfills all safety requirements for the experimental subject and, at the same time, guarantees an outstanding quality.
  • The sturdy and compact BrainAmp MR is powered by the rechargeable PowerPack battery.
  • Multiple amplifiers can be combined and stacked on top of each other in order to increase the maximum number of available channels to 128 for recordings in the MRI environment and up to 256 channels for laboratory applications.

Furthermore, the BrainAmp MR can be combined with the BrainAmp ExG MR to add the capability to record bipolar and peripheral signals (e.g. EOG, ECG, EMG, GSR – Galvanic Skin Response, etc.) in an extremely compact setup.

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