Recorder add-on: BrainVision Video Recorder Kit

A new solution to synchronize EEG and video recordings

Several EEG research applications require that a video of the subject is recorded together with the EEG. Particularly in sleep research, work with babies and in mobile EEG applications, combining video and EEG recordings is a standard procedure.

The new BrainVision Video Recorder Kit replaces the previously offered Recorder Digital Video Interface Kit and uses a high-resolution network camera, integrated with BrainVision Recorder to provide you with excellent synchronization of your video and EEG recordings.

BrainVision Video Recorder Kit at a glance:

  • Comes with an Axis high-resolution PoE (Power over Ethernet) network camera that connects directly to your recording computer or to your local IP network via a standard RJ45 connector
  • New VisionVideo plugin for quick and easy configuration of various camera settings
  • Max delay between video stream and EEG: +/- 50ms

This video solution is an add-on to the BrainVision Recorder Software and compatible with all Brain Products amplifiers.

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