neuroCare’s leading technology brand from Germany, neuroConn, provides safe and well-researched solutions in the transcranial electric stimulation and neuroscience field. neuroConn is the global leader and industry pioneer in non-invasive neuromodulation. The systems can be customized and variably adjusted to the researcher. We exclusively offer neuroConn’s DC-stimulator technology as a complete, and ready-to-use system. Along with the tDCS, the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS, DC-STIMULATOR MR, and DC-STIMULATOR MC models allow accurate bipolar stimulation with alternating current (tACS) and noise current (tRNS). These three devices are only for research applications. The DC-STIMULATOR MR is the only available (f)MRI-compatible transcranial stimulator. The DC-STIMULATOR MC is globally unique, with up to 16 channels that can be programmed via a PC interface with any desired waveforms independent of each other. neuroConn technology is suitable in both research settings and hospitals, as well as therapy centers and medical practices.

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