Wireless Trigger

Wireless recording of event markers in EEG data

The Wireless Trigger provides a fully mobile solution for recording event markers in EEG data. Send 8-bit trigger information to a compatible amplifier wirelessly. Integrating this device into your lab is as easy as switching from the trigger cable to the Wireless Trigger – no software configuration required!

Wireless Trigger at a glance:

  • Wirelessly transmit event markers to your EEG amplifier
  • Fast and consistent trigger transmission
  • Encode your stimulus events with 8-bit triggers
  • No software configuration necessary
  • Ideal companion for your mobile EEG recordings using LiveAmp

The Wireless Trigger Set consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is plugged into the parallel port of your stimulus PC or, even easier, into the TriggerBox output. The receiver is connected to the LiveAmp Sensor & Trigger Extension, thereby replacing the original trigger cable. With this setup you can send 8-bit event markers from your stimulus presentation software wirelessly to the EEG amplifier.

The Wireless Trigger provides the fastest and most consistent wireless trigger timing. With a 3 ms transmission delay and only one sample jitter, it has the most accurate timing that is needed for gold standard EEG data analysis.

The Wireless Trigger is the ideal complement to our mobile EEG solution with the portable LiveAmp amplifier.

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