The ODIN software platform is familiar to movement analysis researchers, clinicians, and biomechanists around the world. ODIN takes you through the entire 3D movement analysis process including:

  • Data acquisition from multiple sensors and measurement devices
  • Real-time monitoring of data inputs
  • Long-term data storage and retrieval
  • Analysis of 3D and spatio-temporal data, and display of results
  • Sharing of data and protocols with others in the same location and remotely
  • Printed reports

With ODIN you can:

  • Load ready-made acquisition and movement analysis protocols so that you can quickly gather and analyze data based on established conventions
  • Build your own analysis protocols using simple dialog boxes (no scripting required) so that you can develop new applications of movement analysis
  • Learn or teach the principles of movement analysis and biomechanics using simple building blocks
  • Share protocols and data with others in industry standard file formats so that you can engage with colleagues in the movement analysis community
  • Manage large collections of data in a data store
  • See 3D visualizations of data analysis in real-time and offline
  • Work seamlessly with Codamotion CX1 and CXS units to provide totally automatic 3D marker labelling, thanks to unique marker identities provided by those systems
  • Work with cluster and pointer technologies
  • Acquire synchronized data from a variety of sensors including force platforms and EMG and then process them together with kinematic data, to provide comprehensive analysis
  • Allow advanced users to import their own bespoke analysis algorithms as Python scripts so that novel methods can be used whilst retaining the benefits of the ODIN framework
  • Openly see the entire data processing chain