Comfortable passive electrode cap for mobile EEG solutions with LiveAmp

The LiveCap is a fully customizable cap, especially designed for use with LiveAmp amplifiers to provide a highly comfortable mobile EEG recording solution. High-quality, ultra-flat, passive Ag/AgCl electrodes are embedded directly in the fabric of the cap and a dedicated compartment on its back provides a stable position for the LiveAmp. The short distance between electrodes and LiveAmp facilitates highly efficient cable routing. Thanks to this clean cable management and the flatness of the electrodes, the LiveCap is the first choice for high quality passive mobile EEG recordings where comfort is a priority.

LiveCap features at a glance

  • LiveCap is a fully customizable cap with up to 64 channels and high-quality Ag/AgCl sensors.
  • Electrodes are fixed to the cap and extremely flat which makes LiveCap very comfortable for the participant (e.g., avoiding excessive pressure onto the scalp, even in sleep studies during which the participant lies on the electrodes).
  • A dedicated compartment for LiveAmp, our mobile EEG amplifier, facilitates clean cable management and a complete mobile solution.
  • LiveCap is extremely robust, as well as easy to use and fast to clean.

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