The latest solution for electrophysiological recordings

The EP-PreAmp at a glance

  • low-level noise bipolar amplifier to measures extremely small physiological signals; e.g. Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABRs) or Nerve Conducting Velocity
  • to be used with actiCHamp / actiCHamp Plus (supports up to 16 EP-PreAmps)
  • interfaces with the amplifier by means of a 16ch SplitterBox
  • easy setup in BrainVision Recorder software
  • comes with everything you need to get started immediately (i.e. 3 Single Multitrode Ag/AgCl electrodes, consumables and accessories)

When and why is the EP-PreAmp needed?
The EP-PreAmp can be used virtually for any scientific application benefiting from simultaneous measurement of EEG & (up to 16) bipolar signals carried out with a low noise preamp. ExG measurements for applications including EMG and ECG mapping, nerve conductive studies, somatosensory evoked potentials, visual evoked potentials, acoustic brainstem potentials, etc. are just some of the investigations that could be carried out with the EP-PreAmp.

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