CX1 CODA Sensor Units

The CX1 sensor unit (CODA unit) is at the heart of every Codamotion 3D system for indoor applications.

Uniquely, the CX1 combines three motion sensing arrays into one unit. This allows a standalone CX1 unit to make a complete 3D measurement without reference to any other units. It also means that the unit can be pre-calibrated and sealed. All the user does is to point the unit at the action.

A CX1 unit is just 800mm long and weighs just 5kg!  A user can move a CX1 unit to a new location, set up and start recording data in minutes.

The unique Codamotion sensing technology allows the CX1 to achieve resolutions as high as 1 in 70,000 within its field of view (equivalent to 1/10th of a pixel in a 50 Megapixel camera).

A CX1 uniquely identifies each marker with 100% reliability, so 3D marker trajectories are available for immediate analysis and display on a host computer with achievable latency (delays) of less than 0.5 milliseconds, perfect for real time applications.

The captured field expands at 1.6 x the distance from the CODA unit.  Nominal operating range is between 2.0m and 4.5m from the unit (nominal capture volume approximately 75 cubic meters), though it is possible to go out to 10m and beyond with high power markers under normal laboratory conditions.

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