Application Suite Trial Package

The ultimate way to get a thorough insight into BrainVision Analyzer, Recorder and RecView

In order to make it easier and more convenient to evaluate our software solutions for EEG/EP recordings and analysis we are introducing a new trial concept, the so-called “Application Suite Trial Package”.

This trial package comes with a time-limited hardware bound license (USB dongle), that is valid for all Brain Products software solutions as well as their respective add-on licenses, and the Brain Products Application Suite Installation.

Each trial package license is valid for

  • BrainVision Recorder – for EEG recordings
  • BrainVision Analyzer – for offline data analysis (incl. all available add-on licenses such as “Add Channels” for co-registering EEG & Eye Tracking data)
  • BrainVision RecView – for online data analysis

Important Terms

  • Each trial package license will be valid for 2 months from first initialization in your lab.
  • Only one trial package license can be purchased per lab.
  • A monthly extension of the trial package license is possible and can be purchased.

Don’t miss to have a closer look at our software solutions for EEG/EP recordings and on-/offline analysis!

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