USB 2 Adapter (BUA)

Much valued and easy to use

The USB 2 Adapter (also known as BUA) serves as a USB interface to connect any BrainAmp amplifier with the recording computer. It is part of the standard delivery of the following amplifier models: BrainAmp Standard, BrainAmp DC, BrainAmp ExG (stand-alone version), BrainAmp MR, BrainAmp MR plus and BrainAmp ExG MR (stand-alone version).

USB 2 Adapter at a glance

  • Fibre optic connection to amplifier
  • Synchronization with MR scanner clock
  • Recording of up to 128 channels
  • Possible to daisy-chain 2 x 128 BUA’s for 256 channel recording (dualBUA)
  • 16 bit TTL trigger
  • Standard USB interface to recording PC

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