Transcranial Focal Stimulator

The Transcranial Focal Stimulator is designed to be compatible with our unique concentric ring electrodes. It is a constant current stimulator. The user can configure the stimulator through an efficient user interface consisting of a character LCD and a five-button pad. There are five indicator LEDs: device on, stimulation active, over current detected, out of range impedance, and low battery.

The user can set stimulation parameters: current amplitude, pulse duration, frequency, and train duration.

In addition to pulse trains, four arbitrary waveforms are available to the user.

The stimulator runs off 4-AA batteries, has built-in impedance checking, and can provide up to 100 mA (into a 2kΩ load), with pulses from 50 µs to 500 µs, at frequencies from zero to 500 Hz.

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