t-Interface 20 | v2.0

  • The t-Interface serves to configure the TCRE electrode elements, route, and pre-amplify the signals.
  • Signals recorded with disc electrodes are known to be prone to artifacts. Incorporating the t-Leads and t-Interface into your current amplifier system improves the artifact rejection of your system, allowing for higher-fidelity biopotential signal acquisition and typically shorter acquisition times.
  • The t-Interface has been designed to be compatible with your current amplifier and software. Its outputs have standard touch-proof connectors that mate with common EEG amplifier head boxes (Biologic, BioPac, Brain Vision, Brain Products, EB Neuro, Grass/Natus, g.tec, Nihon Kohden, Neuroscan, TDT amplifiers, etc.).
  • Patent No. US8352012B2, US8615283B2, US8626259B2, and US9399133B2

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