A must-have solution designed to boost data quality for concurrent EEG and fMRI recordings

Phase synchronization between the EEG equipment and the MRI scanner results in temporal stability of the EEG acquisition in relation to the switching of the gradients during the MR acquisition. This leads to significant improvement of the recorded data quality

SyncBox at a Glance

  • It’s a unique tool which significantly reduces timing related errors and boosts the quality of MRI artifact correction by synchronizing the clock of the BrainAmp MR / BrainAmp MR plus amplifier with the clock driving the MRI scanner’s gradient switching system.
  • Its scanner interface and the appropriate clock output available in the scanner electronics cabinets are physically connected by using galvanic coupling to avoid any potential influence on the MR scanner system.
  • Hundreds of our users have already chosen this solution and are experiencing the added advantage in using it together with all major commercial MRI scanners available on the market.

If you would like to optimize your data quality, join the crowd!

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