The industry-leader in signal quality — improved for 2019. Designed for researchers requiring the highest signal quality in a standard 10-20 montage. The Quick-30 (v 3.0) incorporates a host of mechanical and structural enhancements for faster set-up and significantly increased durability and wear-time.

Research Level

  • EEG amplifier and wireless electronics integrated into headset.
  • Flexible composite arms create good contact between the sensors and head.
  • Fits adolescents through adults.
  • Use the systems in wireless mode, and capture data on-board with a built-in SD card.
  • Up to16 hours of uninterrupted data gathering in SD mode.
  • Add up to 2 additional ExG leads.
  • Millisecond precise event synchronization with optional Wireless StimTracker.
  • Multi-modal physiological recording (ExG, GSR, SpO2, Temperature, and Respiration) with optional AIM Gen2.

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