Rechargeable battery to be used in the lab and the MR environment

The PowerPack is an MR usable rechargeable battery designed for use with the following amplifiers:

  • BrainAmp Standard and BrainAmp DC
  • BrainAmp MR and BrainAmp MR plus
  • BrainAmp ExG and BrainAmp ExG MR

PowerPack at a glance:

  • It’s a perfect solution for safe EEG recordings in the MR.
  • It fully eliminates problems with 50/60 Hz mains noise making it a valid alternative to the mains power systems for standard EEG/ERP recordings.
  • It can be used for continuous acquisitions of up to 30 hours and allows for more than 1000 recharging cycles.

To keep your PowerPack a long-lasting purchase, keep charging it directly after use! Don’t worry about memory effects. The PowerPack cannot be overcharged!

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