NIRx Short-Distance Detectors

State of the art fNIRS research recognizes that typical measurements record all blood flow changes in a region but that this can be confounded by noise and non-functional changes due to blood flow in the scalp. For this reason, more researchers are demanding ways of acquiring non-brain related fNIRS signals in order to regress this noise and NIRx developed a solution.

With industry-leading 8mm (as opposed to 10mm) separation, you can be assured that the signal recorded by these short-distance detectors is mainly from the scalp and not the brain.

Dedicate a single detector to record eight (8) short-distance channels to have a complete picture of global blood flow changes without losing multiple detectors.

Easily retrofit your existing caps to take advantage of this additional signal using any of NIRx’s imaging systems (NIRscout, NIRsport, NIRSport 2).

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