NIRSport 2

Successor to the groundbreaking NIRSport, the NIRSport 2 is the result of decades of experience and continuous development. This portable and wireless research instrument will let you apply up to whole head fNIRS quickly and successfully to the widest range of subjects possible.

NIRx development experts have addressed common recording obstacles with dedicated solutions for faster setup time.

  • Apply dual or single tip optodes with spring loaded grommets of varying strength to get reliable, high quality data even in regions covered by dark, dense hair or on subjects with sensitive scalps.
  • When artifact rejection/reduction is called for, you can rely on NIRx’s state-of-the-art short-distance detectors and 9-axis accelerometers to help identify and deal with noise signals.
  • By using standardized NIRSCaps from EasyCap, NIRx systems are ready to integrate seamlessly with other neuroimaging modalities such as EEG, tDCS, TMS, and fMRI.
  • A modern and easy to learn graphical user interface software suite guides you from montage creation to data collections and records the raw luminance values in unencrypted formats ready for you to analyze in the software of your choosing.
  • Built-in integration of LabStreaming Layer (LSL) lets you develop your own BCI framework or build upon the Turbo Satori software for neurofeedback experiments.

The NIRSport 2 comes in 8×8 and 16×16 varieties and you can daisy chain up to five (5) units for complete head coverage. With wired or wireless control and onboard data storage, the NIRSport 2 is ready for you to take fNIRS into real world recording scenarios allowing you to achieve untethered hyperscanning experiments. Let NIRx devices bring your fNIRS research to the next level.

Source Count: 8 to 64 (8-source increments)

Source Type: LED

Source Wavelengths: 760nm and 850nm

Detector Count: 8 to 64 (8-detector increments)

Detector Type: SiPD or APD

Application specific probes and headgear

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