Functional MRI has enormous power to detect subtle changes in brain activity from sensation, movement, reasoning, emotions, and even during rest. Because of this impressive sensitivity, the best fMRI data collections require knowing just what the research or clinical subjects are doing.

MREyes is a novel solution that allows operators to see, and to record, a clear view of the subject’s eyes. This can be used in applications as simple as verifying if the eyes are open or closed, or in watching alertness or changes in gaze.

The information provided by MREyes is invaluable in EEG/fMRI studies – where it is well-known that opening and closing the eyes has powerful effects, and in sleep studies, where so-called “rapid eye movements” are an essential feature in sleep staging.


  • Clear view of the subject – even in darkness
  • Zero setup time
  • Completely noise free operation
  • High reliability
  • Quick, tool-free Installation
  • Compact
  • Operates in Darkness

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