A signal generator to simplify troubleshooting

LabSim is a small and handy signal generator, able to generate signals required to test the input ports of different amplifiers. With LabSim, it is possible to test an amplifier’s EEG, AUX, and trigger connectors as well as functionality of the complete signal pipeline including electrodes and amplifier.

LabSim at a glance:

  • Simplifies troubleshooting by using a reliable signal source
  • Allows checking all channels (EEG, AUX, trigger) at once
  • Allows inspection of the complete signal pathway, e.g. in preparation of a large-scale study or as a regular checkup in large labs

The ability to test these connectors without additional equipment, such as secondary electrode bundles or sensors, allows for more precise and efficient troubleshooting. Minimizing down time comes with efficiency.

The LabSim is compatible with most of our amplifier families. actiCHamp, BrainAmp, V-Amp, LiveAmp Sensor and Trigger Extension and TriggerBox are amongst the compatible devices.

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