Handy solution for EEG electrodes localization

Knowledge of exact position of the EEG sensors on the scalp is extremely important information for those studies aiming to find the sources of the activity detected at the scalp level. For Source Localisation, it is typically not sufficient to use the standard electrodes position defined by the 10/10 or 10/20 international systems. A more accurate measurement is required.

CMS20 at a glance

  • CMS20 uses ultrasound technology to accurately record the exact electrode positions from patient to patient in a very easy and fast manner.
  • A handy pointer projects data to a microphone sensitive to ultrasonic waves and, dedicated software processes the incoming data in real time.
  • The relative position of the head with respect to the microphone is constantly monitored by using three ultrasound emitters placed on the subject’s head. This allows the subject great freedom during the acquisition as he/she can move any time.
  • The CMS20 software guides you all the way through the measurement and allows for a quick comparison of the measured electrodes positions with existing templates.
  • A solution module in BrainVision Analyzer allows you to import the data acquired with the electrode localizer as easy as 1,2,3…