The BrainCap for Sleep is a complete cap with built-in electrodes for EEG, EOG and EMG recordings, optimized for sleep recording situations.

ALL BrainCap-SL use the layout as named in the layout document, and up to 64 channels are terminated with single electrodes / quick-connect interface for use with most amplifiers. They come with integrated chin belt and buckles to attach a chest belt.

TO BE SPECIFIED SIZES are given in cm head circumference. Please replace the wildcard # by the intended size.

  • Average adult male size is 58, the average adult female size is 56. Newborn size is 36.
  • For sleep, all cap sizes will come with the soft, high-elasticity fabric.
  • 15 channels is possible for all sizes
  • 32 channels is possible for size 36 and larger
  • 64 channels is possible for size 42 and larger
  • 128 channels are possible for size 52 and larger

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