The BrainCap is a complete cap with built-in electrodes for standard EEG recordings, without simultaneous
other data acquisition technologies such as MEG, MR, TMS, etc.

ALL BrainCaps listed here use the layout as named in the layout document, and are terminated for use with
BrainAmp. They come with integrated chin belt and buckles to attach a chest belt.

TO BE SPECIFIED SIZES are given in cm head circumference. Please replace the wildcard # by the intended size.

  • Average adult male size is 58, average adult female size is 56. Newborn size is 36.
  • Cap sizes 64 to 52 come with high precision cap fabric, smaller sizes 50 to 32 with softer, high-elasticity fabric.
  • ASIA CUT can be specified at no charge.
  • 22 channels is possible for all sizes
  • 32 channels is possible for size 36 and larger
  • 64 channels is possible for size 42 and larger
  • 96 / 128 channels are possible for size 52 and larger

Customization requests (other layouts, other fabric, other connectors, etc.) are welcome,
please simply ask (a little surcharge may incur).