This is a standing job listing. That means we may not be actively looking for new Scientific Consultants at the moment, but we are frequently enough that we take applications since the next time we will be looking is right around the corner.

Job Title: Senior Scientific Consultant
Location: Brain Vision, LLC at 2700 Gateway Centre Blvd., Suite 600, Morrisville, NC 27560

Job Duties:

Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for all customer technical support related to ACTICHAMP, EEG Systems in General, EEG Amplifiers, various Electrode Technology, NIRS devices, motion capturing systems, and combining all of these to work together. Create manuals for team members and how-to guides for customers to assist with troubleshooting equipment issues ACTICHAMP, EEG Systems in General, EEG Amplifiers, various Electrode Technology, NIRS devices, motion capturing systems. Act as the distributor of the company’s products: R-NET, ACTICAP (CAPs and Electrodes), ACTICHAMP, BRAINAMP Family, QUICKAMP, VAMP, LIVEAMP. Collaborate with members of the sales, support and logistic teams. Build rapport and positive team relationships to achieve outstanding performance. Acquire new customers through sales leads. Develop existing customer relationships by means of knowledge and well-informed consulting, product demonstrations, and technical installation. Conduct customer consultations to demonstrate the optimal usage of company products. Evaluate and test new products (hardware and software) such as newly released EEG Amplifiers in an MR Environment; integration of ultra portable EEG Amplifiers and highly noise resistant electrodes in combination with motion capturing system; in the real and virtual reality environment. Independently plan and execute user workshops and presentations for product training. Attend market specific conferences to increase the company’s visibility and reputation; create and maintain customer contacts; evaluate product development needs. Monitor quality assurance; provide feedback to the CEO to improve products and customer service strategies. Conduct customer contact with proper friendliness and seriousness; communicate apparent or likely problems in a scientifically founded, respectful manner. Reply to all support and sales requests within 24 hours. Increase product and service quality; specify any anticipated problems or need for improvements in the provided databases, either during or by the end of the customer contact. Ensure batteries with lasting capacity; gel with optimal consistency in different environments and in combination with different electrode material; assembling best and easiest CAP applications and montages; usability and functionality in user’s opinion with feedback from customers; communicating manual improvements as well as software interface usability.


Master’s degree (in Neurophysiology, Sports Science, or a science related degree plus two (2) years of consulting experience in the field of Noninvasive Neurophysiology. Must have 2 years of experience in each of the following: biogen signals, motion capturing, Electromyography Measurement, EEG/NIRS-Electroencephalography (EEG)/Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), EEG/TMS Electroencephalography (EEG)/Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), EEG/MEG Electroencephalography (EEG)/Magnetic Encephalography (MEG), EEG/FMRI – Electroencephalography (EEG)/Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagining (FMRI).

National Travel Required 30% of the Time. Able to Telecommute from home.

Submit Resumes to: Brain Vision LLC HR at [email protected]

Position: Scientific Consultant / Full-Time
Company: Brain Vision, LLC (US distributor of Brain Products and other vendor partners)
Place of Employment: Morrisville, NC / USA (Brain Vision’s Headquarters)

Brain Vision is a distributor of neuroscience research solutions, servicing scientists in neuroscience and related fields in the US and Canada.

We recognize that long-lasting business and collaborations can only be based on trust in our services and products, and we establish and maintain this trust by providing reliable products and outstanding customer service.

Our ideal candidates will have a love for and a deep understanding of EEG research. The candidates would need to be comfortable working in a team, interacting with other departments, and working with researchers. The candidates should also be confident in their ability to take initiative and work independently.

We seek candidates with excellent communication skills: fluent written and spoken scientific English (proficiency in other languages will be seen as a plus, but is not a requirement).

An academic degree (PhD is preferred, but we will also consider an Academic Diploma and Masters) in neuroscience, psychology, psychophysiology, or a related field is required.

The candidates should have expertise in conducting, analyzing, and publishing EEG experiments or similar complex neurophysiological analyses (the ideal candidate is a current user of our hardware and software solutions). Experience in writing and managing grants is also a plus.

US citizenship or the appropriate work authorization is required.

Your role as a consultant will include

    • Supporting the activities of the Support, Sales and Logistics teams.
    • Extended communication with researchers and universities via email or phone about finding the best fitting solutions for their research and budget goals.
    • Working together with our vendors and partners to provide comprehensive technical and scientific support.
    • Attending conferences (e.g. SPR, HBM, CNS, HCI, VSS, SLEEP).
    • Frequent travel throughout the US and Canada for workshops, installations, and customer trainings (total travel time 20%).
  • Maintaining cutting edge knowledge in the field of EEG and ERP research.

Benefits include

    • Being part of a growing company with an excellent reputation, a relaxed work environment and awesome team members to work with.
    • Interacting with great people – there is no other crowd like our researcher community.
    • Traveling to interesting places.
  • A competitive compensation package and full benefits (medical, dental, life, short and long-term disability, and a generous Paid Time Off policy).

How to apply

If you meet the skill and work authorization requirements, wish to explore the opportunity of joining Brain Vision, and have a positive impact on the future of neuroscience, please send your application documents (cover letter including desired salary, curriculum vitae) via email to:

Brain Vision, LLC
Kathy Wood, PHR
HR Generalist
2700 Gateway Centre Blvd, Suite 600
Morrisville, NC 27560
e-mail: [email protected]

Please note, the cover letter must address the job requirements and must state the degree you hold.

Brain Vision is an equal opportunity employer. We base all hiring decisions on nondiscriminatory factors.