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Brain Vision Solutions is the leading provider of best in class equipment and software for neurophysiological research, EEG, and bio-signals throughout Canada.

Make actiCAP slim recordings a snap!
Order SuperVisc, syringes, gel applicators, and more to be ready for your next subject.
EEG-fMRI recordings are magnetic!
Refill your stock of Abralyt HiCl, syringes, adhesive washers,
R-Net is ready to record!
Keep enough sodium chloride and other consumables on hand for your saline/sponge system.
Shop R-Net
Peripheral Physiology is important too!
Get the right size adhesive washers to make recording EOG/EKG/EMG a breeze.
Zero in on your signal with tCRE!
Passive tripolar electrodes are here, keep what you need in stock to record with them today.
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Brain Vision offers cutting-edge solutions for noninvasive neurophysiological research.

We integrate EEG with fMRI, fNIRS, TMS, tDCS/tACS, MEG, and eye-tracking. We offer both wired and wireless EEG solutions with a variety of electrode technologies, including active, dry, passive gel, and sponge-saltwater, that are ideal for a wide range of cognitive neuroscience applications.

Tell us about your research, and let us help push the edge of what research is possible.

  • EEG Amplifiers & Systems
  • Electrode Caps
  • Electrode Localization Systems
  • NIRS Systems
  • Neuronavigation Systems
  • 3D Motion Analysis Systems
  • Signal Recording & Analysis Software
  • Response and Stimulus Presentation Systems & Software
  • Sensors, Accessories and Consumables
  • Transcranial Electronic Stimulation
  • Consulting, and more!

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